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“Ariana is the epitome of the perfect acting coach for students at any level. She helps actors develop necessary stage skills by teaching essential acting techniques, assisting in character development, and providing constructive feedback, which helps students develop their craft and shine on stage. Ariana's warm, gentle personality will help any actor flourish! My daughter Allisa loves working with her!”


Lisa Conover ( mother of stage actor Allisa Conover)

 “I hadn’t had a voice lesson in over ten years and was trained classically but was really looking for help on the Broadway Belt. One hour with Ariana completely shifted my vocal worldview and approach to several techniques. The whole time, I couldn’t stop saying how excited I was because she was showing me things I never knew and opened up my voice in a whole new way that I didn’t know was possible. I can’t recommend her enough and cannot wait to take another voice lesson!”


Rachel –Anne, classical trained singer.

“My son acted with Ariana and she was able to provide one of those amazing breakthrough moments that upped his game entirely. Ariana helped him understand the impact of how to meet fellow actors at their level. His acting has evolved so much from what Ariana shared with him. Not only has my son now been recognized with nominations and awards but will attend a University with one of the top
Performing Arts programs! Thank you Ariana for changing the game!”


- Holly L. Mother of student/co-Actor

“Ariana is a great speech & vocal coach. My son and I both really enjoy working with her and she is very professional! Knowledgeable about the business and GREAT local resource to tap into. We’ve referred her to several of our industry friends too.”


- Theresa West, Mother of working actor Dane West

“Ariana is an incredibly talented vocal coach. She helped my daughters prepare for professional auditions and helped them build their confidence as a singers. Ariana is very knowledgeable about vocal health and vocal exercises. I highly recommend her for children and adults. My daughters have become better singers because of her lessons and we are very grateful for her coaching.”


- Sharon Lewinter, mother of working actors Lily 8, and Sadie 6.

“ I would highly recommend Ariana. She worked very well with my daughter and was very knowledgeable and helpful. She came to each lesson prepared and helped my daughter become more confident.”


– Christina S (mother of student age 11)

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