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The Dreaded Cold Read

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Imagine This:

You have been endless practicing your sides, scenes or monologues for an upcoming audition. You feel prepared.Ready. You walk in.. only to find them handing you new sides, new scenes that you have never read before. Maybe they want to see you read for a whole different character... you are now in the world of COLD READING...

Do not, please don’t cry...

Enjoy my 5 top tips for mastering and nailing your next cold read audition!

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Tip 1) Read it through and answer the major questions. Where am I? Who am I talking to? WHO am I?

Tip 2) Memorize the first and the last line. They know you won’t be off book in 10 minutes, but they also don’t want to see your face hidden by a sheet of paper and you squeeze the pages into a pulp...Memorizing your first line allows you to start, engaged with your reader, after that use your thumb or finger to keep your place so you can stay engaged but also follow your lines.Memorizing your last line also allows you to complete the scene with power, and focus going outward and not into the paper.

Tip 3) Find your beats. What emotional changes happen.. is it different in the start than at the end..what happen right before your scene started? Mark these down on your paper to remember them( nerves can get the best of us, a visual cue always helps). Make bold but natural choices.

Tip 4) Stay in character!! You may mess up, flub a line. Stay in character! And keep going.

Tip 5) Be sure to actively listen. After you say your line, don’t go off thinking” what do I say next? How did I sound..” don’t look down at the script, seeing if you were line perfect. Listen to your reader,respond honestly to what they say, then go onto your next line. Sometimes how to react in silence and without words is what makes us a more interesting actor!( also remember your character doesn’t already know what the person with them is going to say.. you do.. but your character does not!)

I hope these tips help you at your next #Audition. Remember always have fun.. you got this.

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