All private sessions $ 60 per hour offered on-line or in person.

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Acting Technique and Coaching
We will work on how to respond with truth, and hone our dynamics while working towards accessing our emotions and senses.
Audition Prep Courses
We will work on techniques to minimize nervous energy, perfect the cold read and prepare you to nail any audition.
Voice and Body Techniques
We will work on using Linklater techniques to touch sound, learn to engage our breath and learn how our voices and body can help us grow as an actor or singer.
Acting for Sales and Corporate Life
We will work on engagement through body work, breath work and learning to project properly and create connections to make the people you are taking to feel seen and heard.
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“My son acted with Ariana and she was able to provide one of those amazing breakthrough moments that upped his game entirely. Ariana helped him understand the impact of how to meet fellow actors at their level. His acting has evolved so much from what Ariana shared with him. Not only has my son now been recognized with nominations and awards but will attend a University with one of the top
Performing Arts programs! Thank you Ariana for changing the game!”


- Holly L. Mother of student/co-Actor